Monthly Workshop Training

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We organize workshop trainings on monthly basis. Our workshop training courses are : CAD Modeling (Fusion360), Python, Data Analysis, Embedded System, 3d Printing etc.

Project Printing and Fabrication

We assist individuals and organisations in 3D printing or laser cutting their project designs at a very reduced price. We are also available for consultancy services.

Plan Design Competitions

As a way of encouraging innovation and creativity among youths. We organize design competitions, bootcamps, hackathons among students on a yearly basis

Research/Study Space

A conducive study space with 24/7 power supply and high speed internet, good for research study at a low monthly subscription fee. As a way of encouraging innovative resarch study, the studio provides a research study space for students, staff and research enthusiasts who need the study time to carry out their research study.

We welcome:

  • Research students
  • Study groups

Event Space Rentals

The design studio is an attractive space to hold events. Continuous access to electricity from the solar panels and battery backup system allow for groups to hold meetings without having to worry about sudden electricity outage or the need to constantly refuel a generator. Therefore, the design studio can be rented out to interested parties.

Space is good for:

  • Company staff trainings
  • Student Workshop
  • Research meetings
  • Design club meetings
  • Get-together

Research Project Assistance/Guide

We assist students/design enthusiasts with their project designs, fabrication, 3D printing, and use of design equipments needed to take their project idea from conceptualization to reality.

Students can come to the studio and 3D print their desired CAD models, the laser cutter and other studio equipment can also be used with the assistance of studio staff. The studio has lots of electronics (Raspberry Pi, Arduino boards, jumper wires, buzzers, LED lights etc) in it's store to help research students in their IoT projects.

Other available equipment and materials:

  • battery powered saw
  • soldering equipment
  • PCB printer and circuit boards
  • safety glasses and gloves
  • bench vices