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About UI
Design Studio

The Studio is a state-of-the-art digital manufacturing space and it provides the opportunity to quickly fabricate parts from computer-generated designs to rapidly iterate prototype designs. There is access to the latest world-class equipment and machines for research and development in engineering. The Design Studio team offers workshops, hands-on trainings to students of the University and the public so that they can upgrade their skill level. We also educate workshop participants on the appropriate use of the gadgets. All these efforts are aimed at fulfilling the mission of the studio which is to encourage innovation and provides access to emerging technologies which can be leveraged on to address local and global challenges.

Prof. Akinwale Coker
Nest360 Principal Investigator in UI

About Company


Our Mission

UI-DS brings together industry experts, and global cohorts from diverse backgrounds to work and learn together in close collaboration. We prepare learners to contribute solutions to a wide range of business needs and global challenges.

Our Vision

To provide a place where students can activate their love for technology and learn best practices from experts on the cutting edge of research and development, to fulfil their aspirations in making a difference in the world.


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